Write a detailed summary of least one ethical issue concerning you,including your views on how you would

“Write a detailed summary of least one ethical issue concerning you,including your views on how you would”
“have handled it.Would you have published the story,what would you have published, or would you have declined to publish?”
“REQUIRED:At least 3 outside sources, MLA format, LIMIT OF 2 PAGES, NOT INCLUDING VISUALS”
“Consider words of wisdom from American journalist, Jim Lehrer (1934-2020):”
Jim Lehrer’s 10 Rules of Journalism for Students
1. Do nothing I cannot defend.
“2. Do not distort, lie, slant or hype”
3. Do not falsify facts or make up quotes
“4. Cover,write and present every story with the care I would want if the story were about me.”
5. Assume there is at least one other side or version to every story.
6. Assume the viewer is as smart and as caring and as good a person as I am.
7. Assume the same about people on whom I report.
“8. Carefully separate opinion and analysis from straight news stories, and clearly label everything.”
“9. Do not use anonymous sources or blind quotes, except on rare and monumental occasions. No one should ever be allowed to attack another anonymously.”
10. Acknowledge that objectivity may be impossible but fairness never is.
Sample editorial format:
“1. Introduction paragraph, several body paragraphs, and impressive conclusion.The structure is the same most”
academic essays have.
“2. An objective interpretation of the problem or question with the help of facts, statistics, figures, etc. Complex issues deserve more attention than simple topics.”
3. A timely news angle.
“4. Arguments provided by the opposing side aimed to prove the information is 100% objective, unbiased, and complete.”
5. Author’s points of view written in a formal language (excellent editorials do not focus on personalities when trying to persuade the reader).
6. Other possible solutions to the discussed cases obtained with the help of constructive criticism and professionalism.
7. A summary which closes with the powerful Call to Action.