Discuss theoretical knowledge around effective communication.

Demonstrate your understanding of communication needs within a practice setting and relevant group (LO2) Student clearly identifies the importance of communication needs within the chosen group. This includes barriers and strengths.

Using your chosen communication tool discuss the evidence base around its effectiveness to promote positive communication (LO 2 & LO4) Student can effectively interrogate the benefits of the specific communication tool in improving communication for their chosen group.

Discuss the evidence base around your communication tool (LO4) Student can present a strong argument for the benefits and limitations of the chosen communication tool in relation to an established evidence base appropriate to their chosen group.

Discuss theoretical knowledge around effective communication (LO1) Student can demonstrate knowledge of a range of theories of communication and relate these to practice.

Well informed by a range of academic literature and inclusion of appropriate communication theories.
Conclusion The conclusion effectively summarizes the evidence presented to draw supported conclusions. No new evidence is included.