Wild animals are believed to be the cause of what percent of all zoonotic emerging infections?

Wildlife, Exotic Pets, & Emerging Zoonoses

1. What is a zoonotic disease?

2. Wild animals are believed to be the cause of what percent of all zoonotic emerging infections?

3. What is an emerging infectious disease?

4. What are some common causes of the emergence of zoonotic diseases?

5. List reasons that are responsible for the emergence of rabies in the Amazon basin?

6. What factors contributes to the emergence of Kyasanur Forest Disease? How did the cleared forests increase the presence of this disease?

7. What factors increased the presence of Lyme disease in the US?

8. What was the first disease believed to be transmitted from humans to animals?

9. What human factors led to the emergence of Argentine hemorrhagic fever, rabies in kudu populations, and Nipah virus?

10. How has the introduction of invasive species contributed to the emergence of rabies, tularemia, psittacosis, & Myocbacterium bovis infections?

11. What is bushmeat? How is it involved in the transmission of zoonotic diseases?

12. What kind of dangers do live markets pose for humans? What are several examples of viral and parasitic worm diseases linked to the consumption of bushmeat and live market practices?

13. How has ecotourism and adventure travel contributed to the problem? What are some examples of diseases that are on the rise due to ecotourism?

14. What dangers do petting zoos pose for humans? Which group is most likely affected?

15. What are the most common infections acquired from petting zoos and keeping exotic animals as pets?

16. How can we reduce these emerging diseases?

Question 17 is worth up to an additional 6 points if all criteria are addressed

17. In at least 2 well developed paragraphs [5 sentences minimum for each paragraph] answer the following question. Although the Coronavirus [COVID-19] that is responsible for the current pandemic is not mentioned, it is a significant emerging infectious disease. Using information from THIS article, what factors or practices do you think contributed to its emergence? You MUST use supporting information from THIS article and you must reference where in the article your information came from. NO outside resources will be accepted.