Discuss how its use of literary elements contributes to that theme.

 Edgar Allan Poe and the poem to be about the raven.

Poetry Analysis Argument / Research Paper Assignment Points:The final draft of this paper is worth 20% of your overall class grade. Maximum points: 100. Length:The paper should be a minimum of 4-5 complete pages (not counting the Works Cited page) and should not be more than 7 pages. Source Requirement:The Works Cited page must list 4-5 sources, primary and secondary; see note below for more details. Every source listed on the Works Cited must be used in the text of the paper. Your book’s biography of the poet may be one source; the poem will be another.Assignment: For this essay, you will focus on one poem and its poet. It must be a poem assigned in this class.

PART 1: (50 pts)The first page will focus on the life and history of the poet. Choose a specific angle (relationships, education, family, thematic connection the poem, childhood, vices/problems, etc) to discuss in this portion of the essay.

•Include details from your textbook (if available) and from at least two research sources (15 points)

.•Your life and history portion must be accurate, cohesive (not a list), detailed, and focused (15 points).

•You must make and support conclusions about the author (15 points)

.•The paper should have an original title that is not just the title of the text you are writing about. State the author’s full name and title of the text in the introduction, and refer to the author by last name only thereafter. (5 points

) PART 2: (50 pts)The second section (must be at least three pages) should argue your interpretation of the poem. Consider this to be a thematic analysis –it will be your job to support your reading of the poem, your interpretation of its theme and how its use of literary elements contributes to that theme.

•Your essay should show a strong familiarity with the poem and should use literary elements and terminology to explain your debatable, interpretive angle and argument. (20 points)

•Your introduction must have a debatable thesis. This should be the last sentence (or two, if necessary) of the FIRST paragraph. Underline your thesis/claim statement to make it stand out. (5 points)

•Everything in your essay should work towards helping your develop and prove the literary argument as stated in this thesis sentence. This section of your essay should be paragraphs developed in support of your thematic interpretation of the poem.

It should be organized by literary element or section of the poem.

Each paragraph should be an organized, contained unit, using quotes from research and the poem to support your reading. Do not organize by summary. (20 points)

•This section should use research to support its interpretative claims, integrating quotes into your own sentence. MLA formatting should be used throughout. (5 points)

Source Details: You are required to use and document a minimum of four sources in this paper

. •One of these sources should be the primary text (poem) you are discussing.

•Another source may be the biographical information in the textbook.

•The other two or three sources should be secondary sources in which scholars or experts have written their interpretations and analyses of the texts or topics that are relevant to your argument.

•At least two of your secondary sources must be either database sources (journal articles that you can access through the library website’s database) OR print sources.

•Additional sources can be any type (website, documentary, personal interview, etc.) as long as they are relevant and credible.