Apply a process improvement model to affect positive evidence-based change in a practice setting (POs 1,5).

Module 4 Assignment: MSN Project Manuscript Section IV-V Guidelines and Rubric


As a master’s-prepared advance practice nurse you will have many opportunities to lead evidence-based change in practice. The deliverable at the end of this program is a completed evidence-based practice quality improvement project prepared for dissemination. In this assessment, students will begin the dissemination process through the scholarly writing of their MSN project manuscript Sections IV-V. Please refer the MSN project template to help guide the development of the evidence-based practice quality improvement project. You can use your work on the description of your model in NR528 Module 3 Project Model Assignment. In section IV in your manuscript however you will also need to include a discussion of how the model supports your project. Section V will be all new content based on how you implemented your project at your practicum site.


Through this assignment, the student will address the following course learning outcomes:

• CO 1: Apply a process improvement model to affect positive evidence-based change in a practice setting (POs 1,5)

• CO 2: Lead an interdisciplinary team through an evidence-based change project (POs 1,2)

• CO 4: Disseminate findings of scholarly work (POs 3,4,5)



This assignment will assist you with the information needed to complete the MSN project manuscript for dissemination. In this assignment you will complete sections IV and V of the MSN project template. Some of the sections you have already completed in previous assignments so you are allowed to re-use this information. It will be important to make sure you have reviewed and incorporated faculty feedback when adding in these sections to your manuscript from previous coursework. Make sure to adhere to the graduate level writing style expectations.