Write this assignment in report format, using headings and paragraphs.

Intervening to Improve a Health Priority (Diabetes Mellitus)

The review committee has included the health condition or public health issue DIABETES MELLITUS (specifically type 2) you previously recommended (in Assignment 1) as an Australian National Health Priority Area. They are now requesting evidence about how this health condition or issue can be prevented.

Choose two examples of interventions designed to prevent this health condition/issue or its risk factors or consequences. At least one of these interventions should be a population-based or a health promotion intervention, not a clinical or medical intervention. Interventions may include, but are not limited to, media campaigns, policies, education programs, behaviour change programs, changes to services, legislation, etc.

Your report should include:

A brief introduction of the health condition/issue (or related risk factor or consequence) to be prevented. This only needs to be a few sentences explaining why this condition is a priority that needs to be prevented.

A description of each intervention that explains

The content of the intervention.

The level of prevention (primary, secondary, tertiary) targeted by the intervention.

The Ottawa Charter action area(s) that the intervention is focused on.

Whether the intervention is for the whole population (universal) or a specific subgroup of the population (targeted).

How the intervention focuses (or does not focus) on the social determinants of health. Here you could think about whether all groups in the population are able to participate in the intervention, or are equally affected by the intervention.

Evidence of whether the interventions have been effective at preventing the health condition/issue or its risk factors or consequences.

This may include details of any impact, process or outcome evaluations that have been conducted, or any studies such as randomised controlled trials that provide evidence that the intervention is effective (or not effective).

If no evidence of effectiveness of the intervention exists, explain how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention.

A reference list of all data and information sources cited in the report. References should include government reports and journal articles, rather than only websites.

Report format

Write this assignment in report format, using headings and paragraphs. The report should look professional, and easy to read, as your audience is high-level government staff, but you are welcome to be creative in the presentation and style.

Figures and tables can be used to summarise information. These should be labelled and referred to in the text. Figures and tables that have already been published elsewhere can be used in your report, but be sure to reference these appropriately.


You may use either the Vancouver (numbering) or Harvard (author-date) referencing style and reference list.

Word limit

Provide a word count for your assignment.

The word limit is 1700 words. You may go 10% under or over this word count. If your word count is below 1530, or above 1870, your mark will be penalized (see marking rubric).

Reference lists, graphs, figures, or tables, and their captions, are not included in the word count.

If you use the Harvard referencing style, the citations of authors and dates used in your main text are included in the word count. Similarly, if you use the Vancouver referencing style, the citation numbers used in your main text are included in the word count.