Describe the metrics by which your project quality will be evaluated and how they will be measured.


• Textbook: Chapter 6: Planning Projects, Part 3 (INCLUDED IN UPLOAD)
• PMBOK Guide and Standards –
o Note: On the website, review the following areas: PMBOK guide & Standards; certifications and learning.
• Coorientation theory and assessment of the RFP solution to client/service learner matchmaking (INCLUDED IN UPLOAD)
• Powerpoint – 6e06 (INCLUDED IN UPLOAD)
• Reunanen, T. (2015). Human factor in time management (Links to an external site.). Procedia Manufacturing, 3, 709–716. doi:10.1016/j.promfg.2015.07.311 (INCLUDED IN UPLOAD)


• Critically consider the quality expectations and potential risks of your term project. With the wisdom and foresight expected of a project manager:

o Introduce your term project to refresh the memory of the readers of this post.
o Deliberate on how you can assure your project quality. You may refer to Figure 6-2 Sample Quality Management Plan on pages 194 to 195 of the textbook.

 Explain the quality standards to be met by your project. Ensure that the quality standards are specific to your project and not generic.

 Describe the metrics by which your project quality will be evaluated and how they will be measured. The metrics must be appropriate for the quality standards of your project.
o Contemplate on how you can manage your project risks.

 Identify and categorize five of your project risks as follows (it is not necessary to have each risk category contain at least one of your identified risks):
 Business risks
 Technical risks
 Organizational risks
 Project management risks

 Assign probability and impact scoring to each of the above risks. You may refer to Figure 6-18 Sample Probability / Impact Matrix on page 216 of the textbook.

 Plan risk responses for each of the above risks (see page 216 of the textbook for risk response strategies).
o Finally, in a reflection of at least 30 words, describe the most interesting and challenging parts of preparing for this discussion post, as well as any recommendations to your classmates for identifying quality standards and metrics as well as risks.