Demonstrate an understanding of safe working practice through experimental work, including the selection of appropriate methods.

Important details
Unless instructed otherwise by your tutor, follow the below instructions:
Word count 1,500 words
File type Word processed with hand drawn results table and graph included.
Font 12 pitch font – Arial or Times New Roman
Format Double spaced and justified
Referencing Harvard system
Notes Your assignment must include page numbers and word count.

You will receive a 10% penalty for this assessment if you go over the word count by more than 10%. If your assignment is significantly under the word count advised, you may not have completed the laboratory report in full. This will be reflected in your overall mark and feedback given by your tutor.

The word count does not include contents, end of text references or appendices.

Module learning outcomes
On successful completion of this assessment, you will have met the following module learning outcomes:

Knowledge Based Outcomes

LO3. Demonstrate an understanding of safe working practice through experimental work, including the selection of appropriate methods
LO4. Record, interpret and analyse experimental investigations in relation to an original hypothesis and make suitable recommendations for enhancing future work

Skilled Based Outcomes
● Analytical and problem solving
● Carrying out experimental work in a safe, reliable and efficient manner
● Expanding the range of scientific skills and techniques, both quantitative and qualitative
● Time management, planning and organisational skills
● Ability to work competently and independently
● Being aware of own strengths and weaknesses and to recognise when support is needed

Assessment criteria:

In order to successfully complete this assessment and meet the above learning outcomes, you must satisfy the following criteria:

AC3.1 Outline the procedure of an experiment, including an accurate method and list of materials
AC3.2 Identify and explain the independent, dependent and controlled variables in relation to a given experiment

AC4.1 Present data clearly and accurately with the use of appropriate tables and graphs
AC4.2 Interpret scientific results and identify potential sources of error, uncertainties, and anomalies
AC4.3 Critique experimental design and processes within a given experiment
AC4.4 Offer suitable recommendations and improvements that can be implemented in future experimental work