How can smell be used as a landmark way finding in dementia care homes?


How can smell be used as a landmark way finding in dementia care homes?

My project is a 3500 words with a project proposal.

Abstract – broad overview of project


Introduction to project- About smell research, case studies, project intro.

Outlining proposal- The questions (1. How can smell and design help dementia people? / 2. How can we use odor as a landmark for wayfinding? / 3. How is smell and memory related? / 4. Can smell be used to keep patients in the moment?

Outlining programme- It will be a system integrated into the site to allow patients remember their way around. As smell triggers memory. they will be taught of each smell for each space which then they’ll start remembering when they smell particular odor they should know where to go next.

Site research – Signature Parklands Manor, write what activities there are, about the site, history of it. i’ll do an Interview (to be written in 2 days)

Case studies – 1. Maggie centre design of how it can help/treat patients. 2. restaurant of mistaken orders- to help understand dementia patients. State why did i choose these case studies and how it is related to my project.

3. you can choose any third case study about a project related to carehome or dementia (using specific ideas to help dementia patients) my project is also about creating a design/system that could help dementia people.

Precedents and theory – Theories or research’s about smell and memory. how can smell keep us in the moment instead of memory. Sensory design as a way finding system. compare and analyse.

Ideas development: (i’ll do that but include it in contents and state there will be experiments for smell as way finding.)