What are ethical stances that both IT and educational professionals would need to consider if they integrate YODAE’s IoT devices into schools?


Create a white paper using APA format with citations. You may use the White Paper Guidelines document in the Supporting Materials section. Your white paper must address the following:

IoT Devices: Select at least two of the IoT devices introduced in the scenario. Then describe the IoT devices and potential use cases. You may reflect on:

(1) How would you explain what each IoT device does to someone who has little to no experience with the internet of things or cloud computing?

(2) What features does each IoT device offer?

(3) How are the IoT devices installed and configured?

(4) How could this IoT device be used in schools and classrooms?

Background Information: Explain how cloud computing is inexorably linked to IoT, explain how IoT data is stored, and describe the vulnerabilities, risks, and issues with such devices. In your explanation, you should also address:

(1) How are cloud computing and the internet of things connected?

(2) How is data from the IoT devices collected and stored?

(3) What are the vulnerabilities, risks, and other issues involved?

(4) What are the layers of an IoT architecture?

Errors in the Design of IoT: Identify 3 to 5 potential errors and issues that may occur with the design of the IoT in the context described in the scenario. As you explain potential errors in your white paper, you must consider:

(1) Confidentiality: Are there any privacy errors in the architectural design?

(2) Integrity: Are there errors that reduce the accuracy, consistency, or trustworthiness of the data collected and stored on any of the devices?

(3) Availability: What are the system uptime, software updates, connection with the internet, or maintenance requirements based on the devices? How can internet providers affect systems?

Confidentiality: How do your solutions improve user privacy?

Integrity: How do your solutions improve the integrity of the data?

Availability: How do your solutions affect the availability of the system? Do they change the maintenance times?

Ethical and Societal Implications: Describe any ethical and societal implications of the design of IoT that you think should be considered by the IT professionals, administrators, or teachers who are working in the schools. You must include how IoT can positively and negatively impact society. Perhaps you may even consider the impact on parents if their child engages with the IoT at school. To help you determine these implications, you may want to reflect on:

(1) What are ethical stances that both IT and educational professionals would need to consider if they integrate YODAE’s IoT devices into schools?

(2) What seems right or wrong about these devices, and why?

(3) Is there a specific IoT device that seems problematic for the context that it will be implemented in?

(4) Just because these products are on the market, should you promote them and encourage the use of them?

Citations: You must use APA format to cite any source that you used to gather your information. You’ll also want to include a References page at the end of your white paper. This page is helpful in the event that the professionals reviewing your white paper want to learn more about the technology. In most companies, the readers of the white paper are likely to want to learn more about the subject, and the references allow them to research topics of interest.