After watching the video, what is a takeaway you gained from watching?

Intake Video Assignment.
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One Intake Interview Video Assignment

Students will be encouraged to view an actual brief Intake Interview. After viewing the video~ students will complete the designated questions that accompany the video. Therefore, based on discussions and chapter readings, you are encouraged to describe the interview process viewed as you saw it when you watched the footage. Take into account any limitations, weaknesses, strengths, or benefits you observe in the session. Also, know it is understood that you are not deemed as a professional counselor as you make your clinical observations. You are encouraged to utilize critical thinking as you view the video footage and integrate what you have learned in the course from again- discussions and chapter readings. The paper should have a title page, at least two complete pages


1. After watching the video, what is a takeaway you gained from watching?

2. Did anything stand out to you from the perspective of the interviewer or client?

3. Would you change how the caseworker conducted the interview? If so, why? If not. Why?

4. What is an intake interview designed to do for the interviewer and client?

5. Why is the interview a valued piece in the intake process? Why would it be valuable to you as an interviewer? (Links to an external site.)

Intake Interview: Case Management II (That’s the name of the video if the link didn’t come through