What is the current marketing strategy used by the firm? Is it effective? What can be done to improve it?

Marketing Research Report

Bonnie Bio Certified Compostable Plastic Alternatives
Trends in Plastic Alternatives Sales

Executive Summary
This market research report highlights the trends in the environmental market for Bonnie Bio Certified Compostable plastic alternatives company. The report highlights some of the questions of the study and gives a detailed analysis of the market status. The hazards of plastic use are highlighted, and why firms should turn to non-plastic materials are also provided. The report also identifies some critical stakeholders in manufacturing, sales, distribution, and consumption of plastic alternatives. The research was conducted on a sample size of 15 people who were mainly defined based on their different demographics. In the end, a way forward for the company is given based on the historical data obtained.


Bonnie Bio is an international firm offering solutions to plastic pollution. The bio-oriented firm deals with cornstarch products essential in reducing plastic effects on the environment. Bonnie bio’s developments are internationally certified and sold worldwide through its established branches (Barclay, 2021). Most of its solutions are based on the FMCG consumables and trade packaging products which nevertheless do not pollute the environment when disposed of. Therefore, the firm aspires to create an environmentally clean atmosphere.

This research seeks to understand the trend in sales of these alternatives. The market research will establish some of the marketing strategies used and those that ought to be used by Bonnie Bio to sell products. The statistical analysis offered in this report is essential in decision-making. Therefore, the report’s main aim is to issue checks and balances on how plastic alternatives are used and modified to solve environmental problems.

Focus Group

The survey was both qualitative and quantitative, and it involved questionnaires administered to prospective customers, suppliers, environmentalists, and other companies. Data obtained from the two methods of data collection, questionnaires and interviews, was first quantified to allow statistical analysis, which would eventually establish the trend in sales volumes of the firm.

Questionnaires are usually preferred for their ability to reach many people within a short time. Some of the questions asked during the interviews and in the questionnaires were;

1) In your view, how are Bonnie Bio’s products essential in protecting our environment?

2) Do you think the sales for the company are increasing or decreasing?

3) Where do you see the firm in the next five years?

4) What is the current marketing strategy used by the firm? Is it effective? What can be done to improve it?

5) Apart from cornstarch products, what other items would be used as alternatives to plastics?
Answers to these questions would provide insights into the situation of environmental pollution in the world.