In this discussion, develop a topic for effecting change in what we buy as consumers.


Current consumption patterns in a global economy are not sustainable. If our human population is to remain stable or even grow larger, there needs to be shift where we alter our practices of producing so many materials, deleting our earth’s resources, polluting the environment, and spending money on goods produced all over the world that leave a huge imprint. We can ask ourselves, are we a conscious consumer? Do we buy fair trade and sustainable goods? Do we know where are clothes are made and only buy local?

According to a Green Biz article, Why sustainability professionals should drive green consumerism (,

“Despite our intentions, the vast majority of us don’t consistently shop in a way aligned with our values or desires for a sustainable economy. In one recent survey, 65 percent of consumers said they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, yet only about 26 percent actually do so. Another survey uncovered an ugly truth: 48 percent of Americans say we should be should care more about the environment, but convenience is more important. Anecdotal evidence suggests that right now, during the crisis, convenience trumps other concerns for most people.”

In this discussion, develop a topic for effecting change in what we buy as consumers.

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The Story of Plastic Animated Short Film (
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Using the examples provided in the Story of Stuff, discuss how you will create a communication tool to highlight the importance of an environmental or social issue affecting a community.

Questions to answer for Discussion 5:

-Address an environmental or social issue.
-Share a communication or marketing tool will you use (web site, video, cartoon, podcast, blog, photo exhibit, commercial, etc.) and explain why you chose this particular media tool.
-Identify the issue affecting a community and how you hope to help through communication and media to encourage change.