Do Electric Cars Really Help the Environment? discuss

Do Electric Cars Really Help the Environment?

We are seeing a lot about electric cars being the future and saving our environment from the pitfalls of oil usage. But what goes into producing an electric car and the batteries? How do we dispose of the batteries when they are no longer useful? What is required to produce the electricity that will be needed by the cars? What are the environmental impacts of these processes? After researching these and other questions, what would you recommend about the future of electric cars?
Your report must contain the following sections, fully developed and written according to the guidelines presented in your chapter.

Title Page, designed specifically for your audience and purpose
Abstract–a brief summary of your report
Introduction–define the document’s purpose and audience, and include all other movements required for a Research Report introduction section.
Methodology–document your step-by-step methodology for studying the problem. Precisely follow the guidelines in your chapter and develop this section fully; it should consist of several paragraphs.
Results–present the results of your study, using in-text citations as needed.
Discussion–discuss those results according to the guidelines in your chapter, using in-text citations as needed.
Conclusion–include all movements.
Works Cited Page in MLA style
The audience for your report should be people who are interested in taking action on your findings.