Analytical Essay of the persuasive article: In a Pandemic, Service Workers Need Paid Sick Leave — Now by by Robin Carver (article attached). The main focus is to evaluate the persuasiveness of the text.

The rhetorical agenda is to persuade the “Trump administration should urge employers to issue “hazard pay” for those who can’t work, as is done in some natural disasters.” and for employer policymakers to “join the civilized world by giving workers federally mandated, paid sick leave.”

The analytical essay must include the following information, in this very specific order:

– Rhetorical Agenda(s)
clearly identified. (Prove the communicative purpose of your text.)

– Target audience(s) clearly
identified/explained OR
why audience does not
matter explained

– Logos
Relevant Terministic
Screens (TS) are correctly
identified; context is
Logical fallacies (LF)
properly identified and
Errors in reasoning or
argumentation are
identified and explained.
Article’s support is clearly
identified and assessed.

Assesses initial credibility
(IC) clearly and correctly.
Assesses derived
credibility (DC) clearly
and correctly.
Assesses terminal
credibility (TC) clearly
and correctly.
Assesses audience’s likely
response to author clearly
and correctly.

potential attitudinal
responses to content.
Potential Resistance(s)
clearly identified and
explained with clear
textual evidence.
Clearly identifies and
explains where A/S
overcomes potential

Quotes directly from the article must be included in the essay to support the claims and ideas.

An example of an analysis essay can be emailed, as the file is too big to attach.