Problem Statement 20 7% Is the problem statement concise and a reasonable public policy problem?

This paper should be a comprehensive paper that explains the current issue your policy paper will address, a well-reasoned solution, a complete defense of your idea, and detail of who will be affected by your policy. In addition, you will need to show the economics of your idea—how much does it cost? How will you pay for it? Will it save money?

Introduction 20 7% The introduction should introduce the major points of the policy and introduce the reader to the issue at hand.

Problem Statement 20 7% Is the problem statement concise and a reasonable public policy problem?
Rationale 30 10% Is the rationale behind the public policy problem reasonable and understood?
Economic Considerations 30 10% Did the team understand the economics of the policy? Was it reasonable and attainable?

Research 40 13% Was proper research conducted? Does it support the argument?
Stakeholders 40 13% Are all stakeholders represented? Was sufficient research done on the respected positions of each stakeholder? Was the issue that would affect each stakeholder group well defined and accurate?
Recommendations 60 20% Are the recommendations ethical, legal, and possible? Did the recommendations get well developed and have appropriate supportive data?

Grammar and Professionalism 30 10% Does it utilize proper grammar and spelling of a graduate-level paper?
Citations and APA 30 10% Has the minimum of 10 reliable sources been listed on the reference page? Are citations used throughout the paper to support aspects such as the existence of the problem and the attempts to solve the problem thus far? Is the paper formatted per APA style? Is a cover page presented? Is there a header on each page? Are the references presented on a separate page with each reference entry properly formatted?
Total 100 100% A quality statement will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.