What policies have affected your topic? What histories of power are important to know in regards to your topic?

1) The topic energy justice in Iraq : What are the question(s) you are addressing? What is the intervention you are making/investigating/interrogating? Who are the major stakeholders?

2) The historical context of your topic: What policies have affected your topic? What histories of power are important to know in regards to your topic?

3) Connections to class topics, like sociotechnical imaginaries, collaborative monitoring, sovereignty, etc. Make sure you cite the authors you reference.

4) Some sources you are planning to use: historical archives, policy analysis, etc. Include at least two in-class sources, and two external sources for this outline (you will need more for the final paper). Include them as in-text citations, as well as references in your end-citations.

5) How does your topic relate to the following:

Distributive justice: what are the distributions of risks and benefits? Who decides?

Recognition justice: what histories inform asymmetrical power relations between stakeholders? How does this affect their standing in this issue?

Participatory justice: how do stockholders engage each other in this situation? What is the process for decision-making? Is it fair, transparent, and inclusive? Why or why not?

The paper should be between 1250-1500 words, written as a formal academic paper. You are expected to discuss the following in your paper:

1) Energy justice , and why you chose it

2) The historical context of that topic, including relevant policies from the federal to the local

3) How this topic relates to distribution, recognition, and participatory justice

4) At least 2 other references to class concepts: carbon to energy democracy, energy sovereignty, sociotechnical imaginaries, collaborative monitoring, deep time reckoning and intergenerational justice, climate justice, etc. You must have clear references to in-class authors and use of external authors through in-text citations.

5) Conclusion of paper: Summary of your paper and how you see this issue unfolding in the future.

You must include citations throughout (in-text), as well as a works cited/bibliography/reference section. Use at least 3 articles from class, as well as at least 5 outside sources . You will be graded on correctly using the citation style you choose to use.