Prepare an integrated data model using UML class diagrams and the REA framework.

Y Not Flowers – Financial Overview

Project Description and Requirements


Forrest runs Y Not Flowers, Inc. (YNF), a wholesale flower distributor with stores in several major metropolitan areas of the U.S. He is considering expanding his business, but he thinks his current accounting and financial systems are restricting that expansion. He also worries that YNF is not adequately prepared to face expected business risks. He has come to you for assistance.


Your supervisor met with Forrest and discussed his requirements in detail. At that meeting, they agreed on the following deliverables for your project.

  1. Prepare an integrated data model using UML class diagrams and the REA framework. This data model will serve as the blueprint for YNF’s prototype database that you will also develop. Also, prepare a corresponding table listing for the prototype database. Identify where different fields/attribute names provide the same information and develop recommendations for changes in field names. Again, review the data model with both Forrest and your supervisor. The diagram must be drawn using a software tool (preferably The table listing (data dictionary) must be typed following the format provided by UML activities that have been done in class. Individually complete the assignment on Connect that your supervisor has assigned to you to make sure each member of your team understands Y Not Flowers’s UML diagram and data dictionary.
  2. Prepare a prototype database for YNF. Forrest has agreed to provide financial data from his business for the 1st quarter of his fiscal year. That data will be in Excel format. You will move the data into Access, structure it appropriately, and set relationships consistent with your data model. Make changes as necessary in file structures to implement efficient tables and eliminate duplication.