Create a business overview diagram for “Health Network Inc”.

ASSIGNMENT: Business Overview Diagram for “Health Network Inc”

Your Task: Create a business overview diagram for “Health Network Inc”.

To do this:           

  • Read the Scenario
  • Study the list of Diagram components below
  • Create Diagram according to the criteria and rubric below
    • Diagrams must be entirely your own work and created with computer software such as, Visio, or PowerPoint.

Diagram Components

  1. The six primary elements of your diagram are:
  • Headquarters
    • Production Data Center Minneapolis
  • Corporate Facility: Portland
    • Data Center Portland
  • Corporate Facility: Arlington
    • Data Center Arlington
  1. Your diagram should also show the three main products. This can be done with text or with an image. For example, next to the Headquarter element, you could have text that says “Hosts HNet Exchange” or you could place an icon inside your Headquarters element and label it “Hnet Exchange.” It is up to you where (Minneapolis, Portland, Arlington) each product is hosted/supported.
  2. Users

Your diagram should use person images/icons to represent:

  • Doctors
  • Patients
  • Employees