How and why did you select the job/internship ad?

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Reflection memo

To conclude this project, you are tasked with writing a reflective, one-page, single-spaced memo that provides your instructor a more comprehensive understanding of your learning process.

What is the reflection memo? What should it contain?

The reflection memo explains to me (NOT the employer!) how you made decisions about what to include in your project. Please see the sample memo in Canvas for an idea of what I’m looking for.

IMPORTANT: Structure your memo with a beginning, middle, and end, as discussed in class. The first paragraph of the memo should contain an explanation of why you are writing.

Your memo must answer the following four questions:

  1. How and why did you select the job/internship ad?
  2. How does the letter respond to the ad?
  3. How does the résumé respond to the ad?

NOTE: The answers to questions 2 & 3 should be the most detailed portion of your memo. I want to understand your decision-making process for what you included and where you placed it. Examples:

  • if you organized your résumé starting with your experience rather than your education, explain why.
  • If you decided to include experience that was not relevant to this particular job or internship, explain why.
  • If you wrote about a special project in your letter, explain how it persuades the employer to interview you.
  • If you are following advice you received from someone else, or if you disagreed with advice given by me or our readings, explain your reasoning.
  1. What concerns did you have while preparing this assignment? Do you see any weaknesses in your application (in terms of your experiences, perhaps), and how might you address these now or in the future?