What is Project Management?

The purpose of the proposal is that, once you have selected a project case, you should provide some basic background of the case, explain why you believe it is important, and what was learned from it.

When selecting a project case, first be sure that the case you are selecting actually is a project. Do not
select operational failures or program failures. For example:

 The Space Shuttle Program is not a project. The Challenger and Columbia disasters could be considered individual projects in the Program.

 Three Mile Island is an operational failure. The recovery from the incident could be considered a project.

 The September 11th terrorist attacks are not projects. The reconstruction of the World Trade Center is a project.

 The Ford Pinto could be considered a project as it is the design and development of one model of car.

 The Tylenol Scare is not a project. The recovery from it was.
If you have any concerns that your project case may not qualify as a project, refer to your notes from
Chapter 1 on “What is Project Management?” If it is still not clear, ask for guidance.