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Term Papers

As a student, dealing with term papers is compulsory and this might seem challenging. The students may luck the adequate skills, ample time and keenness required to produce a quality paper and more so for those on higher-levels. At the end of every semester, students are graded largely based on these term papers. Students therefore have to use as many resources as possible so as to get a quality paper.

Despite venturing into different fields in their studies, these students are obliged to follow strict writing guidelines. Each term paper comes with instructions and requirements on how to go about the paper. These instructions may appear challenging to some students and may require them to consult experts.

Composing a paper that covers only the topic is not conclusive. Students must also format their papers to certain writing styles namely; MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago. Some instructions may require a student to include a title page with the student’s name, paper’s title, class and the professor’s name. If there are tables or figures present in the paper, numbering should be done correctly and have a clearly descriptive caption. If tables and figures are derived from a foreign source, the source should be well credited. Below are some of the instructions a student should follow while writing term papers so as to reach required standards:

The Title

The title of the paper is a brief summary of the thesis statement and discussion. Therefore, the title is the most crucial part of the term paper and it should be definitive, precise, and distinct.

The Introduction

The introduction is meant to capture the reader’s attention on the content of the paper. A well-structured introduction shows the aim, the organization and structure of the paper. At this point, the reader is supposed to identify the problem the writer is discussing and gets the background or the core argument of the whole paper. The introduction should be at least 10% of the content in that paper.

Thesis Statement

Some papers normally require a thesis statement. A thesis statement comprises of two-three sentences expressing the writer’s arguments. It provides a summary of ideas put out in the paper and a hypothesis of the topic.


The body should be organized into parts that backup the thesis. Using subheadings helps develop and maintain a flowing the thesis. The headings should be clear precise and coherent.


This is normally a summary of the major points in the paper. A good conclusion should be able to summarize the methods, recommendations and findings of the paper. However, it should not be used to give out new ideas, facts or information rather, it should be used to convey a closing statement of the paper.

Reference List

The references should be the last part of the paper and most certainly on its own page. The list is made up of sources used to compose the paper. Each source is supposed to have correct in-text citations. The sources should be the same ones used in the paper. Once the instructors get the paper, they counter check if the format used while listing and in in-text citation is as per the instructions given.

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