Explain The Christian Burial Speech?

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Subject: Criminal Justice

Robert Anthony Williams was arrested on December 26, 1968 in Davenport, Iowa, after the disappearance of Pamela Powers, a ten year old girl. Young Pamela had been with her family at the YMCA in downtown Des Moines for a wrestling tournament on the day of December 24 th , and had gone to the restroom to wash her hands. She never returned to her family on this Christmas Eve, and her body was recovered December 26 th on the eastern edge of Polk County, laying in a ditch near a culvert, on the side of a gravel road. Williams had led the police to the body during his transport back to Des Moines after being Mirandized, arraigned, and represented by counsel. Significantly, during the drive back to Des Moines, Williams decided to lead the police to the body after being engaged in discussion by Des Moines Police Detective Leaming in what came to be known as The Christian Burial Speech . Nix v. Williams , 467 U.S. 431, 440-50 (1984).
Research the Nix v. Williams case and answer the following questions:

1. Explain The Christian Burial Speech?
2. Why is the Nix v. Williams case important to the inevitable discovery doctrine and the exclusionary rule established in Miranda v. Arizona?
3. Explain whether you think Detective Leaming violated the 5th Amendment (Miranda Warning) and the 6th Amendment (Right to Counsel) when he gave The Christian Burial Speech to Robert Anthony Williams during the ride back to Des Moines? Keep in mind Williams had been Mirandized, arraigned in court, and was represented by counsel.

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