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. How has this unit/topic changed your perspective of this people group or topic?

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1. If you were summarizing the information you have learned about the selected topic to someone not familiar with this topic, what would be the most important elements that you would share?
2. How has this unit/topic changed your perspective of this people group or topic?
3. In regards to the topic you selected, what do you want to learn more about?

Read all instructions before you begin to write
Choose the subtopic you will research
Create a question to help you form a thesis
Identify your thesis Create the outline (Yes, the best papers begin with a solid outline) Make sure your ideas are fresh and original.
Include strong assertions for each paragraph Make sure the assertions (major points) are supported with examples and facts (evidence) Include only relevant information.
Critically analyze the information found in the research from the readings and movies Conclude paragraph with a transition Organization Create header.

Make sure structure of the paper enhances the central idea/claim/thesis Include interesting introduction (hook)
Make sure each main point is in a separate paragraph (AEC format)
Indent at the beginning of each paragraph
Make sure ideas are sequenced in a logical and effective order
Make sure each sentence has a subject and a verb
Make sure each sentence makes sense
Use the present simple tense to describe things you think are true all the time Check for grammar include some academic vocabulary
Read your essay aloud to yourself or someone else to check for understanding Convention

Make sure your conclusion is based on evidence and facts
Make sure each paragraph begins with a strong assertion
Make sure you use evidence from your research (readings/movie) to support your assertion
All in-text quotations are introduced, tagged, or embedded
Be specific. No generalities in your writing
Create Works Cited page correctly replace phrasal verbs such as ‘look at’ with more formal words such as ‘examine’.