What were the major challenges in the analysis?

ESG Analysis
!Target companies should be different from your group assignment.
!Industry should be the same, but your choice really.


What you have completed: your report objective?

What you have analyzed?

What was your step-by step process of analysis?

What were the major challenges in the analysis? What are the key findings?

Analysis of the materiality map of company “X” and “Y”
[Comparison of the importance of the ESG factors for each company against the industry materiality map trying. Are there differences in the ratings of the importance of the E S G issues to
a) stakeholders b) the company?

Why are there are such differences?

Did the company engage in stakeholder consultation as per best practices on stakeholder inclusivity (eg. Accountability standards)?
Are the stakeholder groups identified different from those identified for the industry?

Is the method of the risk analysis different?

Are there different strategic considerations cited as reasons of importance of an ESG issue
to the company?

Be specific and use examples from the report as supporting evidence whenever necessary.]
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Comparing the E, S , G for the 2 companies using the methods and criteria that we practiced in class. This part should show tables and graphs with an explanation of what these tables and graphs show and the conclusions you can make based on the results presented in the tables and graphs.

Here are some key points/questions to consider:

You can evaluate transparency and clarity in the ESG performance indicators;

Are there important actions in key ESG areas?

Significance of actions on concerned stakeholders?

Is the progress on the actions the SDGs measured?

Contradictions found?

Positive contribution/mitigation of the negative impact?

Evidence of commitment to sustainable management process?

Measurement of the outcomes of sustainable management process?


…. Conclusion as to which company does better or worse on each of the ESG factors and which one is more ESG-performant.