Explain how insecticides affect neurons.

Explain how insecticides affect neurons.

Why do they kill insects, but not humans?

What does DDT stand for and why did they ban it. Does DDT affect humans?

Name some other insecticides and explain how they affect nerve cells.

Do you think we should ban all insecticides?

What role do they have in human neoplastic disease?

Who uses more insecticides, farmers or city dwellers?

Do you think homeowners should be licensed to buy insecticides?

With 6 billion people on earth, do you think we can live without insecticides?

Many insecticides contain materials that interfere with acetylcholinesterase.

How do you feel about the wide use of insecticides on our farmland?

Do you purchase organic food?

Is organic food available to you?

Do you think our food supply is safe from toxins?