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How should the press cover events like Columbine?

Discuss the Columbine myths.

How did the media get it so wrong?

Do you think they would make the same errors today?

How should the press cover events like Columbine?

How did Capote and Cullen’s approaches to researching their
stories parallel and how do they differ?

What advantages lie in either approach?

Why does Cullen focus on the victims as much as the killers?

How does that differ from ICB?

What effects might Cullen’s focus on the aftermath have on you as a reader?

Compare In Cold Blood’s Dick and Perry to Columbine’s Eric and

What similarities and differences do you find?

Do the psychological designations of psychopathy or depression make either killer more or less culpable?

Looking at Columbine and In Cold Blood, what lessons can we learn
about crime, violence, and the criminal justice system?