Describe the conditions of the Capital Markets?

Describe the conditions of the Capital Markets (Equity, Debt, Money Market, Repos, Mortgages, Foreign Currencies and in particular Derivative Product Market.

Identify the significant players inside the US Government, The Federal Reserve Bank, Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, The European Commission, The European Central Bank, The governments of the UK, France and Germany.

Explain – The contributing Factors to the Collapse, The Significant Players and the Player Casualties, the Relief Provided by the Government Safety Net, the Moral Hazard, Fiscal Policies and Monetary Policies followed and anything else to adequately tell this story Include a retrospective looking back ten years and where things are today, what “new” legislation was put in place for compliance to prevent another crisis like the one experienced in 2008/2009, what about Global Co-operation and compliance . . .

what has worked and what has not (express your opinion based on your research)