Describe and reflect on values and the hidden/implied curriculum.

Complete the Curriculum Change Plan: Part 2 – Philosophies and Models for Change Template. Review the template section descriptions below.

Curriculum Philosophies or Models

o Select at least three curriculum philosophies and/or models that resonate the most with you. Some examples of philosophies include reconstructionism, essentialism, etc. Some examples of models include Tyler’s Curriculum Rationale, the Oliva Model, etc. Define each example and cite accordingly. Explain the historical development of your examples, and provide a discussion of how they impact current curriculum change efforts.

• Focus Philosophy or Model

o Select one philosophy or model to focus on and to explain in further detail. Describe your personal thoughts on why this one philosophy or model applies to your curriculum change plan the most.

Values and Hidden/Implied Curriculum

o Describe and reflect on values and the hidden/implied curriculum. Explain and analyze how these might affect your curriculum change plan efforts. How should schools teach about values?

Identify two strategies that you would use to address any potential values or hidden/implied curriculum issues. Provide a detailed overview of two strategies and your rationale for your strategies.