How did it differ from what you might have seen on stage instead of on film?


Final Exam – Essay Part Allow yourself a half hour each or two total at the most to write these essays. Submit in the dropbox. Do not send them as an attachment in an e-mail. Put them in one document with proper citations, and add the words “final essays” in the subject heading. Check your content, grammar, and spelling. It is most important that you cite specific examples from the video that show you watched it. You should refer to the lessons learned from lectures and reading assignments. This is the final writing assignment of the course and makes up half of the twenty percent on the final. The other half is from the online multiple choice comprehensive exam. I hope you enjoyed the class and learned a great deal. Due no later than the deadline listed in the schedule of assignments and in the syllabus under course information. Ignore the Greek captions, I couldn’t find a link without them. The film features Katherine Hepburn as Amanda Wingfield, Sam Waterston as her son Tom, Joanna Miles as her daughter Laura, and Michael Moriarty as Jim, the gentleman caller.

In four brief, but well-written, essays, discuss each one of the following topics from watching the video of Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie at

1. Protagonist and Antagonist Whom would you describe as the protagonist and antagonist of this play? Why? What conflict is resolved between them? Remember the resolution always helps identify the protagonist and antagonist. Use lectures or textbook citations with video specific examples to support your answer.

2. Technical Elements Discuss the setting of the video. How did it differ from what you might have seen on stage instead of on film? What, if any, significance did costume choices play in the production?

3. Idea What was the idea that the playwright wanted us to see? Support your answer with specific details from the video. Relate it to your choices in the first essay.

4. Acting styles Compare and contrast the acting styles of the individual performers who play the characters in the video. Don’t compare and contrast the characters, but the actors who portray them.