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How do you structure quantitative research to gain data for hypotheses?

Thesis on investigating the impact of virtual/web-enabled human resource management techniques on the reliability and retention rates of remote teams.

This topic is very relevant in today’s business place due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic and remote work, but also due to the rapid technological change that will force businesses into digital transformations and will have to manage their workforce remotely/virtually.

Web-enabled human resource management

Employee management software also provides solutions to increase employee engagement and ultimately impact employee retention.

Web-based employee management system



“Today’s Human Resources function is being transformed by the Web. Web-Based Human Resources shows HR professionals how to use online technologies to offer more services to more employees at a lower cost. It provides a framework for transforming HR from a support function to one centered on organization-wide productivity and learning; and explains all the key web technologies and trends that are changing the HR function―for the better!”

Thesis themes should focus on;

  • talent management, team management, productivity, reliance, and retention
  • change management, human resource management (virtually/remotely/working from home), staff turnover
  • In sources and text, thesis requires references to authors and publications related to COVID and current situation. Scientific databases and add current sources on this theme (from 2020 and 2021 – there are hundreds of relevant literature).
  • Methodology;
    • How do you collect data to measure dependant variables?
    • How do you structure quantitative research to gain data for hypotheses?
    • Where exactly the data came from?
    • Could not find the list of hypotheses and their theoretical background.
    • Where are the data came from (from which company, what contacts do you have and how do you solve confidentiality)?