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Summarize the main point or points you want to communicate to your key publics

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Subject: Communications and Media

Preparing for an Interview.

You are public relations director for LakeLand Chemicals, a company that uses chemicals in the manufacturing of paint.
First thing this morning, you learned that the Environmental Protection Agency is listing LakeLand as a “borderline violator” for discharging a toxic chemical through its smokestack. The federal standard allows 35 micrograms per cubic meter of particulate matter (PM2.5), and LakeLand discharges an average of 40 micrograms.

PM2.5 is linked to premature death, increased hospital admissions and development of respiratory diseases. It also has adverse effects on agriculture. The chemical has received considerable media attention in your area because of its negative health and environmental consequences.

Because of the borderline levels, the EPA will give LakeLand six months to improve emissions before any penalties might be levied.
You learned the information first thing this morning. You know that the EPA will release the information to reporters by noon today.
You also know that LakeLand has been discussing the purchase of an expensive new high-tech smokestack filter that could significantly decrease the toxic emissions, but you are not yet at liberty to announce this.

Prepare for interviews with reporters with the following activities:

Part 1. Prepare a brief planning sheet indicating your company’s key publics; an analysis of their wants, interests and needs; and your main objectives in dealing with reporters.

Part 2. Anticipate questions reporters might ask. Make notes of appropriate responses to these questions.

Part 3. Summarize the main point or points you want to communicate to your key publics. Sketch out anecdotes or examples that might convey that point.