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To what extent do we need to address Covid-19 and social distancing measures?

Cultural and Heritage Marketing.

– Develop a Marketing Plan/ Event Plan for a cultural, arts or heritage organization of your choice.

Q: What charts/tables are you expecting to see and which would you like to see in our reports?

How many academic references do we need to use? A rough range or a bare minimum is all I need to know.

A: This is a report and using figures, tables, mock ups that you have generated will add a visual effect and split up words.

This is not an academic exercise so references will not be extensive – probably credible sources.

Q: In the first section should I do a SWOT? And then charts elsewhere for timescale scheduling, costing, measuring success, etc.

A: The first section is weighted at 10% so approx. 1 1/2 pages. You need to inform the reader of the situation so will be an overview of MAcro; Micro and Organization. with objective(s)

Previous assignments have used tables for example to present the timescales; budgets.

Examples on Canvas will give examples – also the PPs have studnet examples

Q: What sort of diagrams would be appropriate in the price section – I’m not sure how to make this more visual and engaging

A: Pricing is less visual –  previous students have tended to use tables around the three elements earned / unearned income.

Q: To what extent do we need to address Covid-19 and social distancing measures? Do we factor this in?

Or do we pretend this is just a regular year free of Covid-19?

A: You can set your plan to run Post Covid; eg december 2021 – 2022 or an event in 2022 then you may be able to assume it will be relatively Covid free – although I am sure will reflect ongoing safety measures

Q: In the session you mentioned about rent and overheads of gas and electric.

Is this something we should look at writing about in our assignments? If so please could you briefly clarify what we should mention on this and where in price this should go, as this is an expenditure rather than income?

A: I think for this assignment the focus should be on the specific additional costs incurred for the idea you have rather than the usual running costs of the organization.

So extra staff needed; materials for an event/ new service; employing external consultants ……

Q: regarding the 3 elements in the pricing section you have advised, would costs be the 3rd? (with earned and unearned income being the other 2 sections?)