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What are the opportunity costs of meat consumption?

Write at least 1page explaining the issue you have chosen to write about. This second phase willfollow the Phase 1portion of your paper.

• There is a federal minimum wage. Should there be a federal maximum wage to reduce income inequality?

• Do unemployment benefits make workers lazy?

• Was it the right decision to bail out big banks after the Financial Crisis of 2007-2008?

• Should college be free for everyone?

• What are the opportunity costs of meat consumption?

Should we eliminate meat from our diet?

“• Will “”buying American”” help or hurt the US economy?”

• Does immigration help or hurt the labor market?
Some questions to consider when looking for a credible source of information on your chosen topic:

“1. Is this source written by an expert, journa list/reporter, blogger, or citizen?”

“2. Who is the source? Is it a journalistic organization, scholarly publication, government report, or something else?”

3. Is this item based on evidence or self -collected data?

4.Are there other related articles on this same topic? Do they mention this item or its author?

Is the US tax system effective in reducing income inequality?