Describe how group work was used in the study.

Journal Article Review – LGBTQ+ Community Counseling Groups

This assignment requires that you write a paper. Select an article to review from a Social Work Journal. Choose an article that involves LGBTQ+ Community group work. The article should detail a well-constructed study (one that can be duplicated). Literature reviews are not acceptable. Include a copy of the article with your assignment. Your paper should be two pages in length, APA style along with a title page, 12-point font size, Times New Roman, and should include the following elements:

Provide a summary of the article.

Describe the population used in the study.

Describe how the sample was selected.

State the size of the sample used.

Describe how group work was used in the study.

Describe the specific techniques used.

What was the length of the study?

Was the outcome successful?

What implications are there for further study?