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Describe the Effects of tourism on water in the pacific.

Describe the Effects of tourism on water in the pacific.

Using the same Digital Journal google doc that you copied at the beginning of the semester and used last week,

write at least 250 words under Entry #13, your last entry. Your Digital Journal is a running document that has grown as you added to it each week; do not delete your previous weeks’ entries from the Digital Journal that you are submitting. By the end of the semester, your completed Digital Journal should help to show how you’ve met the ENG 100 word count requirement.

The Digital Journal has two purposes, which are to help you:

develop a regular writing practice, by writing at least 250 words each week; and you might be able to use for your last essay assignment, the Problem Solution Research Essay. You should have already researched a topic and found information from sources. In this week’s Digital Journal entry, finish your prewriting and organizing of the information that you’ve found about the problem (how you see the causes, parts, and/or effects of the problem). In addition, finish free writing and organizing the information on the solutions (or the different parts of the solution) that you found from research; click on this link to see some questions that can help you with ideas.

Also, click on this link to see how to check the word count of your writing for your entry in your google doc, so that you meet this week’s minimum word requirement. (Look at the article in section 2, “Find the Word Count for Selected Text in Google Docs.”)

Then click here to submit your last Digital Journal Entry #13. Make sure you press the blue Submit button. (Look at the attached screenshot.) Due by 4/16/21 at 10am.

Note that these weekly Digital Journal assignments are recurring, and go to the same google assignment link — so if you try to submit your Digital Journal assignment earlier in the week (before I have returned last week’s Digital Journal assignment to you), then it will say that it was “Submitted”, and will not let you turn anything in yet. Be patient. Check your email first, for the notification that tells you that your Digital Journal assignment from last week was returned; then, you can turn in this week’s new Digital Journal assignment (with the new entry that you completed for this week). OR, you can “Unsubmit” your prior Digital Journal submission, upload your updated Digital Journal with the new additional entry, and “Submit” that — I will be able to see if you submitted multiple entries.