Discussion how racial discrimination is portrayed in the Beloved film?

Compare and Contrast Beloved (1998) and Hotel Rwanda(2004) Films Introduction Both films portray Racism as the central theme, where one ethnic minority group is mistreated with another superior group based on beliefs on racial differences. Although the movie’s setting is different, both are portrayed to indicated how human rights are violated, yet they are meant to ensure everybody is treated equally. Throughout the films, differential treatment is observed;racial and economic discrimination leading to oppression of the smaller minority race. For example, in Hotel Rwanda, Racial discrimination is observed when Hut us believe they are better privileged than the Tut sis; in the Beloved, the Whites are portrayed to be better privileged than the black slaves struggling to carve out an existence.Central theme:Racism Thesis Statement:Racism plays a significant role in influencing chaos and order in society. The paper will also delve into how Racism is abolished and the value of freedom.Outline Theme

1: Racial Discrimination

●Discussion how racial discrimination is portrayed in the Beloved film

●Discussion how racial discrimination is portrayed in the Hotel Rwanda film Theme

2: Institutional Discrimination

●Discussion on how institutions influence the prompting of discrimination in society.

●Supporting arguments from the Beloved film

●Supporting ideas from the Hotel Rwanda film Theme 3: A bolishment of Racism and Freedom/Order Conclusion

●Summary of the issue of Racism in society and the role it plays in prompting chaos and order.

●The conclusion will evaluate the comparisons between the two films while explaining how Racism impacts other individuals’ human rights, chaos and order in society