What is the impact climate change has on the impact climate change?

What is the impact climate change has on the impact climate change?


This project will focus on the impact climate change has already had on the supply chain for food. This will include the future impacts on consumers that could occur and how the supply chain can mitigate and adapt to this changing environment including lowering their own carbon footprint. Since the drastic effects of climate change are hard to know, it is difficult to understand the impacts on different industries. Nevertheless, numerous changes are already evident. The success and failure of businesses will be measured in the near future by how private industry changes and adapts to climate change-related risks.

The harsh effects of climate change will be felt for consumers not just in the world around them, but in their supermarkets where the supply and price of foodstuffs such as coffee beans and fruits are being affected Stonehouse (2019). The WWF (2019) states that the changes in weather and extreme weather conditions like heatwaves, droughts and floods are now leading to losses in agricultural products. Work from (Vaughan et al., 2018) revealed that fulfilling future global food requirements could double Carbon Dioxide emissions from the production of wheat alone without the inclusion of prevention measures. Climate change impacts food company’s business plans, causing some to relocate. The poultry industry in Brazil has moved from the south to the north over the last two decades as a result of climate change. And new issues have been opened up.

How do you migrate farm workers who fund this work to far more rural areas? It could be a time-consuming and costly mission Sealed Air (2019).

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