What is their global strategy? Analyse their external, industry and internal environment.

Strategic marketing

BS4S112A: Assignment 1 – Oral Assessment

• 40% final grade – boardroom presentation – completed as a team

• Use theoretical knowledge and insights to deliver a case analysis

• Identify a company from the FTSE 250 – specifically one who has invested in an E7 country. Research and analyse their globalization strategy using your theoretical knowledge.

Consider: how did they move into new markets?

What modes of entry were employed?

What is their global strategy? Analise their external, industry and internal environment.

How have they failed or succeeded and why?

What recommendations would you make?

Assessment Criteria Weighting Demonstrated understanding of the question and 15% relevance of answer

Evidence of engagement with the literature and 25%
demonstrates understanding Justification of the application of relevant strategy 20% frameworks

Quality of the research involved in the analysis 20%
Structure of the presentation – clarity and organisation and 20%
evidence of all members of the group participating