Conduct a literature review on 5 to 10 multi modal strategies relevant to your district and school’s data.


Step 1. Conduct

Conduct a literature review on 5 to 10  relevant to your district and school’s data.

Organize findings with the following headings: Purpose, Problem Statement, Literature Review, Methodology, Conclusion, References. Incorporate research on 5 to 10 multi modal strategies. The following are examples of strategies you may choose to include, along with others that are relevant to your district and/or school:

Cognitive Affective Theory of Learning with Media (CATLM)

Control Value Theory of Achievement Emotion

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) initiative

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Technology-Enabled Simulation

Step 2. Design

Design an online survey to evaluate teacher perception on evidence-based and multimodal instructional strategies with diverse students based on your literature review findings. Include in the survey:

At least two questions on participant demographics (such as location, age, race, culture, grade taught);

Six to eight Likert-type items based on formative elements and criterion-referenced research, and

At least three open-ended items to gauge teacher perceptions.

Step 3. Disseminate

Disseminate the survey to collect data from at least three educators.

Step 4. Propose

Create an action research proposal by writing and organizing an APA-formatted paper according to the following outline: