Business Proposal-150 – 250 word short summary of the options and decision that you are proposing and why.

Business Proposal


This project will be a culmination of several of the learning’s from this course. The 12-15-page paper will be modeled around the idea that you are asked to give an Executive Summary to your Superior or Executive Board on a hypothetical problem. The 12-15 of APA formatted written pages does not include graphs, tables, figures, projections, or other appendix material. A typical format could include but not limited to the following:

Title Page

Executive Summary: 150 – 250 word short summary of the options and decision that you are proposing and why.


Background Information: Details about the company (Company History, Mission, Vision, Values, Organizational chart, Process flows, Position in the market/market analysis etc.) Use business metrics models to evaluate the health care organization.

Current Financials: Profit and Loss sheet/Expense Reports for the company or the division. How is the company doing financially and why would a change be needed.

SWOT Analysis: Discussion about the companies/divisions Internal Strengths, Internal Weaknesses, External Opportunities, External Threats and how they related to the project.

Proposed Plans: Typically 2-3 options or alternatives and their positives and negatives of each. Make sure to include the financial implementation and work force financial impacts of the proposal in your evaluations. Evaluate the project decisions based upon financial and business metrics.


What is the proposed ideal plan for moving forward on one of those plans and why?

What are timelines, budgets, key things that need to get done, who is doing to do them (project managers).

What will the recommendations mean for the organization and the problem that given you to solve.



This project can be thought of as a practice project proposal that you would submit or write up to your superiors.Have the experience of making decisions based upon logical and financial decisions and be able to explain it.

This means that the paper should be written in an objective third person language when you are describing the problem, solutions and recommended course of actions. Your boss (myself) wants an analytical evaluation and recommendation based upon facts rather than emotional gut feelings about the project/recommendation.