Define intervention skills:What does this mean to you?

Lauren Boddie Journal Entr#7

Write reflectively about INTERVENTION SKILLS and how it pertains to your development of professional functioning as a counselor. Some questions to consider:

1) Define intervention skills. What does this mean to you?

2) What types of activities, worksheets, workbooks, clips, etc. have you found to be helpful for your clients?

Describe 1-2 things that are working for you/your client.

3) Have you ever attempted to use a therapeutic approach or a specific technique and it did not go well?explain and how you handled the situation.

4) Do you plan to obtain a specialization, credential, or certification in counseling in the future? When do you plan to this? What do you plan to obtain? What do you need to do to obtain it?

5) Do you feel equipped to intervene with a client at this time in your training?

6) What other thoughts/comments/concerns/questions that come to your mind when thinking about “intervention skills?”