Provide a brief overview:An evaluation of the nutritional practice.

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Subject: Nutrition

An evaluation of the nutritional practice


This is one of the final pieces of work for the final year of medical biology degree.

Provide a brief overview but the detailed explanation and guide is included in the word document provided.

This is case study of 3000 words.

Need a draft of this work perhaps mainly finishing the first section of it which is a 1000 words.

Assessment brief:

You are to evaluate the nutritional practice of an individual client who regularly engage in sport and/or exercise.

Determine the extent to which nutrition may contribute to effective participation or success in the activity your client engages in, You are then to assess the client’s diet in relation to its constituents and establish the appropriateness of the diet for the activity they engage in.

Based on this assessment and an understanding of the client’s performance goals, you are to offer advice in relation to their diet.