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Describe The Leadership, Innovation & Change in Criminal Justice.

Describe The Leadership, Innovation & Change in Criminal Justice


Students are required to choose from one of the following change projects and produce a portfolio which covers the following areas;

Possible Change Projects

1) Re Unification of the Probation Service

2) Professionalization of the Police Force

3) Increasing the number of Prison Officers into the prison estate

4) Re imagining youth custody in a ‘child first’ youth justice system

5) Increasing the impact of efficiency of the Criminal Courts system including the development of ‘speedy justice’

We would be expecting to see an attempt at a PESTEL, SWOT, any research completed as in participants (this would include ethics and interview questions/survey etc.) You can be creative within the appendix if you want to do something that highlights your thinking or the research via literature you are doing

All work used within the assignment should be appropriately referenced.Use the APA Harvard Referencing System