Assess the effectiveness of images and other media to enhance writing.


Take your sociological research project public: write a blog entry to raise awareness about your issue and/or get your readers to take some sort of social action related to your social issue.



We will use the website Medium (Links to an external site.). Your entry will be part of our class publication. You’ll submit your assignment by publishing it in our class publication on Medium (you won’t submit it on Canvas). Keep in mind that I won’t know that your assignment has been completed unless you submit it to our class publication (see the module content for details about how to do this).

Note: Your post will not show up in the class publication immediately. I will have to officially “accept” it to the publication before it’s visible on the site. If you submit in the evening, this probably won’t happen until the following morning.


Your blog entry should be readable in 2–5 minutes (according to the Medium estimate).

Take full advantage of this format by incorporating images, links, etc.


After posting your own story, you’ll comment on others’ posts and respond to comments on yours. These will be posted as separate assignments.


Your (real) audience for this assignment is the general public. While your classmates and I will be the primary people reading your blog entry, anyone visiting Medium will be able to read and comment. You should regard each of us (classmates, public, and me) as intelligent potential participants in a conversation about your sociological issue.

Since your audience is not limited to sociologists and/or academics, you should write this in a way that is accessible to people who don’t fall into those groups (i.e., don’t use lots of specialized sociological jargon that requires college coursework in sociology to understand).
Learning Objectives
This assignment is designed to advance the following learning


Module-specific Student Learning Objectives
• Implement skills learned in previous modules related to concision and clarity

• Assess the effectiveness of images and other media to enhance writing

• Apply appropriate citation standards for non-academic formats

• Effectively navigate the technical requirements for posting writing online

• Engage in public sociology by producing a blog post about a social issue, using effective skills for engaging a general audience
Student Learning Outcomes

• Produce discipline-specific written work that demonstrates upper-division proficiency in language use, grammar, and clarity of expression

• Explain, analyze, develop, and criticize ideas effectively, including ideas encountered in multiple readings and expressed in different forms of discourse

• Organize and develop essays and documents for both professional and general audiences

• Organize and develop essays and documents according to appropriate editorial and citation standards

• Locate, organize, and synthesize information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose and to communicate that purpose in writing