Consider of ethical issues arising from the research in light of ethical principles, and how you intend to address these.


This is strictly a research proposal for a Management . You need to derive a research question from the article below. This question should be management related. This question should emerge from the reading and reflection of the attached article. Once establishing the question you should develop a relevant research philosophy, design and rigorous methodology that is appropriate to address the research question.

The proposal for research should have a feasible methodology to be undertaken and completed as part of an undergraduate dissertation project i.e. be completed over approximately 6 months.

This proposal should be laid out as follows:


– sets the scene, context and rationale for the proposal – why is this an important topic to explore? It will include a brief summary of the literature in accordance with the article attached and introduces the reader to the remaining sections of the proposal. (approx. 300 words)


– what you are looking to learn from this proposal

o You should aim for ONE clear and unambiguous research question which directly surfaces from your engagement with the material attached, your critical reading of the paper, and any related articles that have been published since are relevant. (approx. 200 words) you should reference at least 2 other relevant articles here to justify the research question

Between these two sections above you have 500 words.


Design (approx. 1,500 words)

This is the main section of the proposal and should cover:

o Philosophy – Your choice of ontological and epistemological paradigm which should be selected on the basis of how the research question is framed and the choice of research strategy (inductive or deductive). The philosophy needs to be justified.

o Methodology – Qualitative or quantitative. Justification needed

o Your choice of data collection methods associated with your methodology and research strategy, a clear justification of your chosen approach, and critical commentary on the advantages and limitations of your chosen approach in light of your research question.Need engagement with, and citation of, the methodological literature to support this. The research method needs to planned accordingly for an undergraduate dissertation completed over 6 months.

o The choice of sampling strategy and justification of this sampling strategy –

4. Consider of ethical issues arising from the research in light of ethical principles, and how you intend to address these. (approx. 300 words)

5. Reflections on positionality, limitations and constraints (approx. 200 words)