Explain what would you like to get out of your pediatric clinical rotation.


Explain what would you like to get out of your pediatric clinical rotation.


After reviewing the course specific objectives listed here the student will outline how they plan to meet these objectives through this practicum experience. Address each course objective in the space below.
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Advanced Nursing Care of the Pediatric Patient – Family Nurse Practitioner

“This course allows the Family Nurse Practitioner student the opportunity to apply newly learned theory from advanced pathophysiology,”

“pharmacology and physical assessment into the development of holistic pediatric patient-centered care. Students will demonstrate evidence-based practice in the assessment,treatment and evaluation of healthcare outcomes of the pediatric patient.”

This course requires completion of 180 supervised direct care practicum hours with a pediatric population.

The preceptor must be approved by the College of Nursing prior to enrollment in this course.

Objective 1:

“Utilize advanced patho physiology, pharmacology and physical assessment to provide evidence-based,cost effective ,”
“ethical, culturally, age appropriate management of patient centered-care for the pediatric patient.”

Objective 2:

Formulate differential diagnoses and develop a prioritized plan of care based on a comprehensive analysis of “developmental stages, screenings, clinical findings, history, ethnicity, genetics, and diagnostic values.”

Objective 3:

“Demonstrate age appropriate therapeutic communication, advanced interviewing techniques, observational skills, clinical”
“findings and critical thinking to make patient-centered clinical decisions in the treatment of illness, injury, disease management within the context of the family.”

Objective 4:
Objective 5:

Recommend age appropriate pharmacological and non pharmacological interventions in the management of physical or
“mental health, injury or disease in the pediatric patient through formulation of a patient-centered mutually accepted plan of care.”
Modify the plan of care based on patient outcomes and responses to interventions.

Objective 6:
Objective 7:

“Select age appropriate tests, screenings,immunizations and procedures based on clinical presentation.”

“Incorporate social determinants of health into a pediatric patient-centered plan of care inclusive of socioeconomic status,”

“sexual and gender identity,culture,geography, barriers to care and health literacy.”