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Demonstrate appropriate knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of contemporaneous police service policy.


Read module description below, must talk about the 3 following policing policies in place:

Word document explaining some of the topics and references to talk about (dont copy word by word, although use the references and talk about the topics) , i’ve also submitted three powerpoints from previous students which talk about the three topics that I have to talk about, this can provide some insight into what to include in this assignment. Please make sure to read the assignment criteria at the bottom

-Police funding and issues with it , how its being funded (REFERENCES TO USE FOR POLICE FUNDING: Johnston, N. and Politowski, B. 2016. Police Funding. House of Commons Library Briefing Paper. PDF. (Links to an external site.)

Fullfact., 2019. Police funding in England and Wales. (Links to an external site.) (useful quick overview)

NPCC., 2018. National police guidelines on charging for police services (Links to an external site.).

Rhodes, N. The Structure of Police Finance – Informing the Debate)

-police leadership and issues with it (how the current leadership works, what issues there are, use around 10 references for this)

-police conduct and complaints (how police conduct and complaints currently work, what issues are there, who deals with them, 10+ references)

Report (2000 words)
Fine Graded (70% weighting)

Title: Current police service policy: Issues, debates and the future of the service

Provide a report, using the police service as a case study, which analyses current police service policy in detail. Illustrate your report with reference to policy related materials provided for you during the module delivery.

Divide your report into appropriate segments to reflect the focus on particular issues affecting the police service.

NB. This report must be presented in a conventional and concisely written report format containing a cover page, a title page, contents page, executive summary, chapter/section headings, be paginated and contain a bibliography using the Harvard Referencing System.

The report should also contain a one page Executive Summary of its findings.

Assessment criteria

Analyse in detail the current circumstances of the police service, illustrating your answer with reference to policy related materials (especially current published reports provided for you during the module).

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the context in which policy is made in the police service.

Demonstrate appropriate knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of contemporaneous police service policy

Demonstrate a critical approach to the future direction of the service.

Make effective use of policy documents and other materials.