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Explain the process of developing and enacting this policy.

To Prepare: Choose one of the following social work policy makers as the focus of your paper, and identify a signature social policy effected by that person:

Jane Addams
Clara Barton
Dorothy Day
William Edward B. DuBois
Medgar Evers
Mary Richmond
Dorothea Spellman
Harriett Tubman
Booker T. Washington

By Day 7
Submit a 4- to 6-page scholarly paper using the following outline:

Biography of the Social Work Policy Maker
Provide a brief background of the policy maker, including family and professional history.
The Social Welfare Policy/Service

Describe the core tenets of the policy developed by the policy maker upon which you focused.

Explain the community needs for this policy.

Describe the population/community served by this policy.

Explain the process of developing and enacting this policy.
Impact of the Policy

Describe how this policy addressed the needs of a population/community.

Describe how this policy advocated for a population and served social justice.

Explain how this policy changed the community.
Practice Implications

Discuss how this policy impacts social work practice today.