Critically appraise, and present your findings at the next meeting.

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As a recent BSN graduate, you sign-up to join a journal club on your clinical unit. The journal club serves as a collective effort to remain current with the literature. The purpose of the journal club is to provide a strategy for evaluating current research and translating it to nursing practice.

The facilitator of the journal club has asked you to select, critically appraise, and present your findings at the next meeting. Since this is your first time presenting, the facilitator provides a worksheet to guide you through the process.


Select one current nursing research article that may be translated into evidence-based practice. Review the article and complete the worksheet provided. Your analysis will include the required elements of the research process and will begin the evaluation phase of appraising the literature.

Identify the steps or elements of the study

Determine the strengths and limitations of the research study

Evaluate the credibility and meaning of the study findings